Brian "The Professor" Worthington

While perusing craigslist in a search for a local band, he found an ad to join Descend Upon the Sane. After rocking out to their existing songs, he figured "eh, the worst thing that could happen is that they kill me and eat my flesh". So, he tried out. Upon their lack of ingesting his entrails, he agreed to join the band. Since then, he has been serving as their guitar player and backing vocalist.



Ali "Penny Dreadful" Quinlan

Ali first teamed up with Dave And Paulie in the early 2000's when she Joined U.W.A. Paulie and Dave were playing sans a bass player and Ali jumped at the opportunity. During this same time period she played bass in the cover band the three had formed with Matt "Cutty" Foster, Angry Balls.

Post U.W.A. she played with Paulie, Steve and a slew of other people in the surf rock band The Cousy's. Shortly after that Descend Upon the Sane was born into it's earliest incarnation. Ali's been there since the beginning and continues to bring the thunder.



Paulie "Red Baron" Ryan

Paulie likes to play the drums and drink cheap beer, as evidenced in his photo. This made him the perfect candidate for Dave's musical counterpart. Paulie played in U.W.A., Angry Balls, (where he first met Dave and Ali) The Cousy's and is until recently was pounding the skins for The Force on the side.



Dave "Davil" Quinlan

Dave started playing guitar when he was just a wee lad, cutting his teeth on old Metallica, Megadeth and Motorhead tunes. He started Descend Upon the Sane with Paulie and found Ali after UWA.

Working with a 5 song demo of songs Dave had written the orignal three started playing together again. Dave is currently guitar player, singer, songwriter, booking agent, webdevil, and creative driving force for Descend Upon the Sane and he wouldn't have it any other way.