The History of Things to Come

Descend Upon the Sane @ Radio, Somerville

In 2008 Descend Upon the Sane was born in the bowels of Boston (or more accurately, a basement in Belmont) from the ashes of U.W.A., Angry Balls and The Cousy's like some sort of hairy, enraged phoenix. We brought the gift of metal to the good people of Boston, some of them accepted this gift with open arms but most shoved bits of napkin in their ears and quickly paid their drink tabs; many apologies to the fine establishments that we've driven business from and many thanks for continually allowing us back! So a quick shout out to Charlie's Kitchen for being our home away from home, The Midway, The Middle East, McGann's, PA's Lounge, Radio, Bull McCabe's, O'Brien's, Castle Bar, Fire House 13, KC's Tap and probably more that I can't think of at the moment but thank you all for supporting local music and giving us a place rock out!

Descend Upon the Sane Original Lineup

DUtS was formed by Dave Quinlan (guitar/vox), Paulie Ryan (drums), Ali Quinlan (bass/back up vox), Steve Kurimay (guitar/vox). In early 2012, after a few years of playing shows, Steve decided he was musically headed in another direction so we killed him and ate his flesh, not really but that would have been brutal. Steve actually remains in the inner circle and can be spotted at gigs turning up the new guitar player's volume. Hey what a great segue to introduce Professor Brian Worthingon (current lead guitar/back up vox) formerly of open mic night and numerous 5 star scores at rock band. Brian came to us from the land of craigslist and was the only one who auditioned, so he was hired immediately.

On August 15th we released our debut album, Make Peace With What Gods You Will. The 9 song LP is available for download here:

We've continued to play shows in and around Boston and We're currently gearing up for our album release show this August!!! We hope you have fun clicking aimlessly around on our site while you should be doing something productive. Thanks all!